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Három Kincsem Vendégház' website


I designed and implemented the complete website of Három Kincsem Vendégház (located in Vásárosnamény, Hungary) with MVC, PHP7 and CSS3. The multilingual content presentation and mobile optimized menu are based on JavaScript. Naturally, the website is platform independent, responsive optimized, so it has a great user experience on both mobile or high resolution (4K) displays.



The TCPDF PDF generator package of Ltd. was re-implemented in components. It was extended with an Adobe XMP metadata manipulator module so it could be the essential part of Electra. Thank to its reusable components, the process of design, implementation can be easier, shorter.

FOAF as a digital business card


I'd have liked to use the advantages of the semantic Web so I designed an algorithm to share contacts online in a computer processable format from separated databases. In first, the FOAF is used to share contacts in a semantic Web structure but its method can be used in other different contexts to support the cooperation between separated databases.

Electra Signature


Electra Signature is an open source, component and government authentication based document signing service for creating primarily electronic agreements. It is feasible to bring process of paper agreement creation into electronic context by its unique properties. These services are setting order of signing parties and adding vices for signing parties, these aren't available in other public products in the market. It can be possible to cooperate with other semantic Web applications by its semantic Web based infrastructures.

Electronic official administration papers

I would like to introduce the importance and usabilities of electronic official administration in three papers. They are build on each other from the basics of e-administration to the possible solutions with software introductions. These papers will be published in the Különleges Bánásmód online journal of the University of Debrecen in this year.

EFOP 3.6.3

@: Conference slides


I implemented an abstract model of Global, Centralized Authentication in the EFOP 3.6.3 2017.09-11. project. This is a common base of my PhD research, both of user and service side can be relieved, supporting resource optimization and higher level security. I talked about my results at the National University of Public Service organized In Service of the Nation conference on the 22nd of November in this year. My results will be also published in the papers of the University.

1st IIC

@: 1st IIC presentation, poster


The First International Interdisciplinary Conference was organized on 15.06.2016. by the University of Debrecen. I also talked about my results of the FOAF using as a digital business card project in a short presentation. The presentation and posters are available if you follow the link above.

Ferenc Mező, PhD organized a research group before this conference to improve the cooperation among different disciplines. The members made one-one study about how they can see the results in their disciplines for the next 20 years. As I'm a Computer Scientist, my study was about a global knowledge base can communicate with human brain via online brain interface, naturally based on semantic Web infrastructures. If I could arouse your interest, don't hesitate to read my study at the link below.
(Global knowledge base on semantic Web basics, study

I'd have liked to find more specific usages of Ügyfélkapu so I inspected the chance of realizing an Ügyfélkapu based education ID in a study. Yes, I created a study again but I'm sure you can find possibilities in my theory. My goal was to make an edu ID is available globally with single account. I heard the opinions of students of the University of Debrecen, the most of them supported that. My study is available in the Különleges Bánásmód online paper via this link.
(Use of Ügyfélkapu for identification in education environment, study

Both of my studies were published in the Különleges Bánásmód online paper. I was a volunteer member of the editorial staff to help them.

Night of Researchers - 2016

@: Night of Researchers presentation, poster


I also attended at the Night of Researchers at the University of Debrecen and I talked about my recent results in two topic: FOAF as a digital business card and Ügyfélkapu based education ID. The presentation and posters are available if you follow the link above.

Night of Researchers - 2017

@: Night of Researchers presentation, poster


The topic of my presentation is the Digital Competencies and the importance of the Internet, and its function in the future.

15th IT Professional Days - UD

@: 15th IT Professional Days presentation, poster


The 15th IT Professional Days event was organized by the University of Debrecen in the autumn semester in this year. I also attended at this and talked about my main project, Electra Signature.

TDK - 2016 autumn

@: TDK presentation, poster


I applied for the local TDK with my Electra Signature project in 2016 autumn and my results was presented at the local TDK Conference. My study was supported by the committee so I could apply for the national TDK and I will attend at its conference in 2017 spring.

OTDK - 2017 spring

@: OTDK presentation, poster


Participation at the National TDK conference in 2017 spring.

Újvári Diplomadíj

@: HIPO Paper


It's just a short summary about my application of a copyright competition. I applied a national competition was organized by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office. Naturally, my base was the Electra Signature service again. I inspected the chance of the usability of open source copyright in Hungarian copyright.

InterTalent 2.0

@: InterTalent presentation, poster


The University of Debrecen organized its international conference in the second time on the 23-24th of February in 2017 to support talented students to present their results. Naturally, I also attended at this event and talked about my Electra project in English in an interactive presentation. The audience also can try out its demo with me during my talk, thanks to the interactivity of my presentation. In this case I mentioned the future usage of Electra for the University of Debrecen. I hope foreign students also can meet my results and maybe aroused their interests to know more about semantic Web.


Lecture presentations - UD

@: University of Debrecen presentations


Lecture presentations - CNy

@: College of Nyíregyháza presentations


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