Roskó Tibor

Electra Signature

Ügyfélkapu, Adobe XMP based document signing service

This is an open source, component and government authentication based document signing service for creating primarily electronic agreements. The ordinary paper agreement procedure also can be implemented in electronic environment by unique values of Electra.

The order of signing parties is a key in the method of making agreements. We can set this order in electronic working environment by Electra, these chances are not available in other products haven't limited availability (It means they are not only available for a local group, like ERPs). For example in the case of certification based or biometric handwritten electronic signature solutions. Its other great advantage can be absolute useful for enterprise parties, this is none other than vice add option. It offers an opportunity, vice-directors also can sign a document instead of directors if they have permissions by the Internal Rules.

I'd like to mention some words about the chances for the future. Ügyfélkapu allows foreign people to also register an account so We can build up a total paperless official administration system at many different types of organizations have necessary requirements, like the University of Debrecen.

Our service is under construction. To try out the Demo, please, contact us!

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