Roskó Tibor

About me

I am Tibor Roskó, a PhD student at the University of Debrecen Doctoral School of Informatics. My research is focused on the Semantic Web and graph databases, my primary goal is implementing support methods for building up cooperation among separated data warehouses.

I would like to implement an abstract algorithm based on my recent research results to support cooperation among different databases such as MySQL, Neo4j, PostgreSQL. It can help to avoid redundancy and save, optimize resources. Using graph database brings many advantages, for example simpler database queries, schema-less, not constrained data storing but there are some disadvantages, mostly the difficulty of migration process. It is not a well designed method yet so I would like to implement a BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) based abstract algorithm that can help to solve this problem in the most of cases.

I would like to continue my work to use advantages of electronic official administration so I am working on a teaching aid for electronic official administration to help people who are not perfect in that.

I like meeting new people, taking trips and sporting in my free time. My favorite places are outdoor fitness parks for sport activities and from the side of traveling are forests and mountains.

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